Advantages of a Dental Bridge

A Dental Bridge is a dental appliance that replaces a missing tooth. Dental Bridges are made out of porcelain or metal and can replace one or more teeth. Dental bridges are used to close gaps between the teeth, prevent the shifting of other teeth, and improve your oral health by preventing food particles from getting trapped in open spaces. Dental Bridges also help preserve the facial appearance, speech patterns, chewing ability, and saliva production. Information can be found here.

If several adjacent teeth are lost, a Dental Bridge can be made with crowns on either side of the gap that ties them into one unit; thus creating an artificial tooth. A Dental Bridge will restore your dental function and chewing ability as well as improve your appearance! Dentists do not use Denture Teeth anymore because they look old-fashioned due to advancements in Dental Technology. Dentists recommend Dental Bridges for their strength and durability compared to removable alternatives like dentures which need to be taken out every night before going to bed so you don’t swallow them by accident while sleeping. The most significant disadvantage with removing loose brackets during sleep is that you will lose your Dental Appliance. Denture Teeth are also not as solid or durable as Dental Bridges because they lack the support of adjacent teeth on either side, which can cause them to become loose and slip out of place over time. See here for information about What is a Dental Bridge.

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