Middleton, Idaho, An Upcoming Town

Middleton is a town in Canyon County in Idaho, the Metropolitan Area, a part of Boise City. The city is small and upcoming, and according to a census conducted in 2010. The total population of people by then was 5,524, an increase from 2,978 in 2000.  Learn information about Caldwell, ID here.


The term Middleton came from its location between the old Fort Boise ferry at Keeney’s. It is the center between the two and serves as a rest stop for Keeney’s Ferry. Back in the day, the city had a stage station. The historical Ward Massacre occurred near the site back in 1854. The town had a post office in 1866 and a water-powered grist mill in 1871. It is considered the oldest settlement in Canyon county. The land was parceled out in 1863 by the renowned William N. Montgomery. IN 1872, the Boise River flooded and cut a new channel which isolated the town on an island. This pushed the city to a new location after 1880, later became a city in 1910, and received a certificate in 1971.  The Middleton High School burnt down in 2007 due to an overheating fan in the weight room. This building was rebuilt and installed fire code sprinklers even though they were never connected to a water source. Discover facts about Nampa, The Economic Town.

Famous people from Middleton

The town has many famous people around the world, including Erik Fisher, a renowned world cup alpine ski racer, George Kennedy, an actor, among others. 

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