Nampa, The Economic Town

Nampa is a city that is located about 20 miles west of Boise. It is the principal city of Idaho’s metropolitan area and is strategically located to cover almost all western markets in the United States. Its position allows a market reach of over 66 million consumers within a 750-mile radius. Nampa takes pride in a lot of things, including businesses and landscapes, not forgetting their local food.  Learn more here.

Why is Nampa Successful?

Nampa is known for its success in food processing, manufacturing, and agribusiness. It has also attracted a big mix of retail and restaurants. The City targets industries that deal with technology, agribusiness, manufacturing, and food processing. The City has flourished over the years as it continues to incorporate more and more services like healthcare, an industry that is quickly emerging. The City also handles more than 3 million travelers every year as Boise airport is located less than 20 minutes from the City.  Learn more about Knowlton Heights, Idaho is a Family-Centric Community.

Its Livable Connected community 

While in this City, be sure to do more living and work. You will thrive in this city due to its rich environment. It carries a natural beauty, superb history, culture, and economic success. Nampa has the key factors that create a livable community, ranging from healthcare services to vibrant public spaces and recreational opportunities. 


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