Notus, One of the Best Places to Live in Idaho

Notus is among one of the eight towns in Canyon County in the state of Idaho. While it is considered the smallest town regarding its size and population, it just might be the best place to live. It is located five miles west of Caldwell and 8 miles off east parma on East Highway. Notus business district runs along the northern part of the highway. The tracks are bound with agricultural industry with only a few homes. The north part of the business district has single-family homes whose architectural design runs back to 1904. Information can be found here.

What makes the City popular

The City of Notus provides a less congested lifestyle. It is in a quiet rural town, and here you will get a short drive into the country. It has a park that Is surrounded by a large mass of silver-colored water towers. The tower that stands high above the park can be seen from a distance. The City is also filled with vibrant glove trees, onions, potatoes, corn, and sugar beets. Its quilt farmland creates a colorful array of texture and design where you find sheep and cattle. Other farmlands have horses and haystacks.  See here for information about Middleton, Idaho, An Upcoming Town.

Services you will find around the City.

The City of Notus has a Public Library, a post office, museum, community center, and two parks, all of which are available to the public. You can do many outdoor activities in this City, for instance, fishing, hunting, and biking. 

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