Questions to Ask Your In-Network Dentist

one of the best ways to get quality assistance from your dentist is to ask about billing details. While some of them are network dentists, others are not. So, it is all about you to ask some of these questions to ensure you get the best. Learn more here.

I Have Dental Insurance; Do You Accept My Plan?

It’s always good to ask if a dental office is “In-Network” with your dental plan. This is a different question than, “Will you accept my dental insurance plan?” Most dental offices will accept most dental plans, but they may not be an “In-Network provider” for the plan. It’s usually better if your dentist is “In-Network” as you’ll get the most out of your benefits, but it’s still ok if they will accept your dental plan and file claims as an Out Network provider. Learn more about  Considerations When Choosing Insurance for Your In-Network Dentist Care.

If you’re an Out Network provider, will you balance bill me?

If you’re going to an Out Network dentist, it’s essential to ask how they handle claims and “balance bill” patients. Balance billing is when medical or dental providers charge patients for additional amounts beyond what an insurance plan will allow for and pay. The best situation is if an Out Network dentist will accept the insurance payment and “write off” the remaining charges.


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