Wilder, the Farming Community

Wilder is a small farming community that is located in the state of Idaho. It is found on the western side of Canyon County near the Oregon border. The city is known for its vast agricultural lands with varieties of crops, including onions, corn, grain, mint, and potatoes. However, the area is unique for growing one exceptional crop known as hops. Hops are used for brewing beer.  More about Caldwell, ID can be seen here.

What the city has to offer 

The community in this city has quite a lot to offer, especially for people that have families. The community here has great annual celebrations, public schools. Churches, a fire district, a medical clinic, and a public school. The city also has shopping malls that are easily accessible due to the highway. The area also has a golf course, fishing streams, and mountain lakes found within an hour’s drive. You can also get to hunt some of the finest game around, go water skiing as well as other sports opportunities of your choice.  Click here to read about Notus, One of the Best Places to Live in Idaho.

The community 

The people here offer a warm welcome to new guests. The local government here encourages people to purchase homes, especially those that want to walk out of the hectic city life. This community is currently experiencing growth in the affordable housing program that people would enjoy. 

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